Franchise Opportunities

For King of the Pack, franchising is the way of the future as it proves to be the most successful way of conducting our business.

By joining the strongest franchise group, you will be adding a recognisable and trusted brand to your business. As well as becoming recognisable to the customer, becoming a King of the Pack franchisee will allow you to take advantage of the strong industry relationships and in turn the highly competitive rebate programs and incentives from the 4 major tobacco suppliers.

King of the Pack not only has strong ties with the tobacco industry, we have also built relationships with established companies in the food and beverage industry, giftware suppliers and tobacco accessories suppliers.

King of the Pack consists of a team with a combined total of over 50 years experience in the tobacco industry. We are here to provide assistance in all aspects of running your business and build a successful partnership by providing the following:

  • Regular field visits and discussions with the Director and Business Development Manager
  • Regular and timely communication
  • Industry knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Ongoing training
  • 24 x 7 support

If you’d like more information on how franchising has been a major influence in small business in Australia visit the Franchise Council of Australia web site at

Franchise Opportunitues

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"According to a survey conducted by the Griffith University, there are now over 850 franchise systems across Australia and New Zealand, with 50,600 franchisees operating in Australia."

Benefits of being a new King of the Pack member

Low Franchise Fees

The most competitive in the business

High Rebates

Point of Sale System Free

Uniforms Free

Business Cards Free

Signage Free

Easy Access

All Head Office team members are always available to you

Promotion Management

Monthly supplier promotions managed by Head Office

7 Day Support

24 hours a day - 7 days a week

Franchise Criteria

If you are interested in finding out more about King of the Pack, please complete our Application Form and Confidentiality Deed or call King of the Pack Head Office on 02 9676 4122.

  • Tobacco to be the main focus of the business
  • Financially Viable
  • Prepared to scan and use state of the art software
  • Operate under the agreed terms of trade with aligned suppliers
  • Operate by the standards set out in the King of the Pack Operations Manual
  • Industry volume of 150,000 sticks per month
  • Adhere to all tobacco legislation
  • Prepared to attend training conferences when required

Upon receipt of your details we will contact you to discuss further how you can become a member of King of the Pack and the many benefits that we can offer you and your business.

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King of the Pack - Baulkham Hills

"As the owner of the business, I couldn't be happier with the success I have achieved since joining King of the Pack. My business is always on the rise, due not only to good workmanship and customer service, but the amazing support and honest guidance from King of the Pack Head Office. Charlie, the founder of King of the Pack and the fully trained staff do an amazing job to help support and guide me to achieve the best results and stay King"

Susan and Mohamed

King of the Pack - Greenacre

"We have been franchisees for over 10 years and have had outstanding results by not only providing a good range of tobacco products for our customers, but also due to the support of King of the Pack. Their dedication and commitment in ensuring that we received the help we needed in a prompt and professional manner has made running this business a worthwhile and rewarding experience."


King of the Pack - Strathfield

"King of the Pack is a proud and professional franchise group who stand out from the crowd with their distinctive black, white and yellow crown logo. The staff are second to none. They work tirelessly to support and ensure our business runs smoothly. Most important to me, they are friendly and make it a prority to establish a personal relationship with each individual franchisee; we are not merely a number! In my 8 years as a member and 3 stores with King of the Pack, I have seen a steady growth in both business and membership and envision the future of the group to be only bigger and better."